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Anna - Be All You Can Be


Forward - by Kim Proven,  LETi Chair

Thank you Anna for the three articles below.

Children learn,  discover and practice skills while at school and experience many other aspects of life that they enjoy. Surely it is as important and useful to experience subjects or tasks that they are not so fond of. You could argue that all experiences are positive and useful as they help us to choose future paths for life at work and play and to build relationships with other people.   Adults are living proof that early  education and experiences for young people can lead to future careers as well as life time hobbies and friendships.

We applaud Strathyre pupil Anna Mchedliani for sharing examples of her talents, experiences and interests in robotics,  drama, singing and writing.

Anna's artices were written in Year of Young People 2018 for "The Villagers"  community news for Balquhidder, Lochearnhead, Strathyre and St Fillans.   One of  Anna's articles  caught the attention of a  regional politician who was inspired to write an encouraging letter of his appreciation.

While asking Anna for permission to share her stories,  I took the opportunity to ask if she had any thoughts about a future path. "Do you think that you might follow on to become a scientist, engineer, journalist, or actress?" I asked.  Anna replied immediately.  "I want to be a lawyer", she said without hesitation.

Well, it's early days and Anna has much to experience on her life's journey but there is no doubt that a clever girl,  who is able to write well and perform in public is already learning,  improving skils and gaining experiences that will be useful should she decide to pursue a carreer in the legal profession.

Thank you to Anna for her enthusiasm in supporting joint requests for #YOYP2018 stories from Loch Earn Tourism Information in collaboration with "The Villagers" news.  I am proud of our village communities and local schools, where young people learn from and teach adults!


Rock Bottom by Anna Mchedliani 

My name is Anna and I took part in Strathyre Primary School’s Summer Show. It was called Rock Bottom and was about a stone age boy called Bobby Cobblestone (“BC” for short!) who wanted to be an inventor.

In the story he met a caveman celebrity called Lady Lava, but he later found out she was an evil villain who just wanted to stay young forever. In the end, she learned her lesson as she was turned into a baby!

My part in the school show was as the character Juan One, who was a Mexican caveman, one of three amigos. My brother was a “growler”,  a type of caveman who only could growl instead of talk.

There were a lot of things I liked in the school play. I liked the silly jokes and funny phrases. My favourite part in the play was when we had to pull silly expressions on stage. There were lots of songs and my favourite song was called “Spell on You” which we sang at the very end. I also liked dressing up as a caveman with a sombrero, and I thought everyone else’s costumes looked amazing too!

Overall it was a very funny play and I can’t wait till our next school show!

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STEM - Robotics Competition by Anna Mchedliani  

My name is Anna and I go to Strathyre Primary School.  A few weeks ago our school entered a robotics competition at McLaren High School for the STEM festival.  STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. My team was made up of five people.

For the festival our teachers taught us how to do coding in school.  At the STEM festival the tasks we had to do were to build a Lego Mindstorms EV3 robot that could complete five tasks. We managed to programme four tasks and our team came in 3rd place!

There was an extra challenge which was to programme our robot to go up 3 different steep ramps. Our robot managed to go up every ramp perfectly and so for that we came in 2nd place!

Overall it was a fun day. We got to see lots of stalls which were showing the projects of different McLaren High School pupils. We even got to go into an escape room based on the design of an ancient Egyptian tomb.

There was also a poster competition for robot designs, and two of Strathyre Primary School’s pupils came in 1st and 2nd place.

Everyone really enjoyed the festival and I hope we can take part in it next time!

I  received this letter after my last contribution to The Villagers (our local newspaper for Balquidder Lochearnhead Strathyre and St Fillans community villages)  and that has inspired me to continue to write reports!


Annas letter


 Choir Occasional by Anna Mchedliani  

My name is Anna and I go to Strathyre Primary School. I go to choir on a Thursday night with my grandmother Maida. I go to choir because I really love singing. The choir is held in Balquhidder Village Hall at 7:30 and the person who teaches us the songs and leads the choir is called Gill.

We sit in a semicircle, going from low voices to high voices. Sometimes we sing different parts of a song, and I sing in the descant. I like the first part of the session because we do humming and it’s quite calm, quiet and shallow music. We do this to warm up our singing voices. Then, after we warm up we sing actual songs.

We are always learning new songs. My favourite calm song is Walking in the Air by Howard David Blake. Most people know the song because it’s in The Snowman. I like it because it makes me feel excited about Christmas. I also can’t wait to make a snowman this winter as soon as it snows! My favourite upbeat song which we sing in the other half of the session is called Love and Freedom by Mary Brooksbank.

Sometimes we have a visiting teacher who does fun singing exercises with us. We also learn quite traditional Scottish songs, even in Scots! One of the old Scots songs we have sung is Hushaba Ma Bairnie, which is about fishing. Sometimes I find songs like these quite difficult to pronounce, but we all manage it in the end.

Another thing that I love about choir is that, as a treat, in the middle of the session we have a little break where the adults can have tea and coffee and we can all have some yummy scrummy cake and biscuits!


NB:  Anna is the granddaughter of Maida and Clan Chief Donald MacLaren of MacLaren. Read more about the ancient history of Anna's family here http://www.robroycountry.com/daniel-maclaurin.html  

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