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Midnight Meadows by Iona Clark, age 9

Celebrating creative writing in #YOYP2018


We love this contribution folloing our request to local primary school's to share creative writing.  Iona Clark is 9 and she lives in the community of St Fillans on Loch Earn.  Enjoy!

Midnight Meadows

by Iona Clark, age 9, St Fillans - 20.2.2018

Iona Clark

I skip along side the Loch,trying to ignore all the points and stares aimed towards me. I mean I get this every evening, but I still wonder at the humans rudeness! ''HELLO! Don't you know it is rude to point?'' (I doubt it.)

I dance along a bit more until I am completely fed up of ,''look Mummy, there is a doe!'' I am a STAG! NOT a doe!

Anyway I am so fed up with humans, I decide to take the short cut.

The only problem is that the short cut is that it is on the other side of the Loch (you know, the massive lake?). Meaning I have to jump over the LOCH! I know it sounds fun (as if), but this is seriously dramatic  (seriously). It is easy for the Loch to tempt a deer to death. I take a moment to think. this Loch is gonna have a its work cut if it thinks I am just another victim! I take a deep breath and leap into the air. I arch my legs in the air (like the horses on TV) and try NOT to scream. A moment later I am back on solid earth and doing victory leaps. Now I can see my destination clearly and I take it at a gallop. I jump over fence and land in the meadow. Bang on time. I trot to a spare space and lie down. The moon is right in the middle of the sky. Midnight. A Midnight meadow.

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