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 Ruby, Ruby, Ruby

- Introducing Ruby Douglas -

An almost 7 year old; adventurer, artist, outdoor action girl, gardner, explorer and inspiration.

Mountains near Monachyle Mhor

Artist Ruby Draws from the Surrounding Landscape  

A big thanks to Ruby and her mum Sarah Douglas for sharing the drawing above and photo gallery of  some of Ruby's regular adventures and activities in #Robroycountry.  

Ruby drew the above picture at Monachyle Mhor in Balquhidder, whilst spectating at The Hidden Glen 10k running event. The lovely drawing also appears on the front cover of The BLS Villagers Newspaper for May 2018, in LETi's Year of Young People monthly column. 


Ruby drawing

This photo shows Ruby in creative contentment, expressing her version of the hills around Monachyle Mhor with paper and pencils.  Thank you Ruby for sharing your lovely drawing.  

#YOYP2018 celebrates 8-26 year olds that live in Scotland.  Strathyre Primary School girl Ruby will be 7 this year, however, LETi is happy to show off any young artist of the future, who is inspired by the magic of our village landscapes.


                       Ruby Drawing



Adults often moan about young people spending too much time on digital devices. There are many fantastic reasons to have them e.g. learning and global communication. The world has evolved to depend on digital technology. Future jobs will require knowledge of devices, skills in digital media and application writing - never mind the Robotics Era that is looming.

Having said all that,  how refreshing and encouraging to see all the things that Ruby get's up to. Experiences that will enrich her life learning and health.    

               Ruby Style 


The world is full of wonderful things to do, try, hear, see, taste, smell and touch.

Ruby gardener

That is how people have learned about life from the beginning of time. 

Ruby seems to be in touch with her senses. 

Ruby and her mum look like they enjoy trying new things and exploring new places. 

They also turn up to support local events in the community.                                                                          


                                                                                                                                                              Ruby the Gardener

What else is on Ruby's bucket list?   

Maybe she will write or illustrate the book "Ruby's Adventures" some day or direct the film. 

Ruby adventurer

                                                                                 Ruby The Explorer

Whatever Ruby experiences next or chooses to do with her life, we hope that she never loses her sense of adventure and that sunny smile.                                                         

Ruby drawing 2



Ruby on the BLiSS trail

 Ruby & Friends on The BLiSS Art Trail - Drover's Bho Strathyre                                                                                        


                                                                                                                                                Ruby's Forest Adventures                                            Ruby and Mum on Top of The World

Ruby mountain climbing


 Ruby cycling

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Ruby Cycling

Ruby Castle Hunter  and  Rock Climber 

Ruby and Sarah

Ruby rock climber 

                                                                                                          Ruby and her Mum Together Enjoying This Colourful World

Ruby rainbow

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